Steak 21 & Red Suki, A Boeing 737 Restaurant in Karawang

Steak 21 & Red Suki, A Boeing 737 Restaurant in Karawang

Generally, a commercial aircraft will not allow their passengers to take pictures in the pilot cockpit for security reasons. Well, this regulation does not apply to Steak 21 & Red Suki’s aircraft. You can take unlimited pictures in every corner inside and outside this Boeing 737 aircraft, including the cockpit area.

Steak 21 & Red Suki is a restaurant that serves a variety of Steaks and Sukiyaki which is located in Karawang City, West Java. This restaurant carries the concept of culinary tourism on a commercial airplane. The aircraft they used for this restaurant are real aircraft, not replicas. It’s just that the engine is no longer functioning, meaning that the aircraft can no longer fly.

There are two Boeing 737 aircraft in this restaurant. One is specifically for the place to eat steak while the other is for Suki, equipped with a heating stove on each table.

Menu and Pricing

The food menu offered at Steak 21 is a variety of Steak ranging from Meat Steak to Fish Steak. The price range also varies, ranging from 5 to 10 USD or 75k to 200k IDR. There are 3 serving methods offered at Steak 21. Whether it uses plates, hot plates, or hot stones.

While Red Suki offers Sukiyaki and various Steamboat foods with the same price range as Steak 21.

What about the comfort of the place and the quality of service?

When entering the restaurant, a number of flight attendants on the two aircraft will greet and serve you very friendly. Visitors will be given a menu list and the flight attendants will record their orders, So they don’t have to leave their table.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is really like as if you were traveling by plane. Starting from the waiting room, entering the plane, flight attendants and pilots who welcome you.


As a restaurant and a destination for tourists, Steak 21 & Red Suki is really worth a visit. The taste, price, services and the comfort of the place is really as good as expected when viewed from their promotions/advertisements.

Actually a restaurant with the concept of an aircraft is not only Stick 21 & Red Suki alone. There are still some similar restaurants in other big cities in Indonesia. Some of them are as follows:

  • Keramas Aero Park in Gianyar, Bali
  • Taman Santap Rumah Kayu in Ancol, North Jakarta
  • The Captain Urban Lounge, Yogyakarta
  • B777 Sky Kitchen in Palembang, South Sumatra

But in this article, i will only write a review about Steak 21 & Red Suki only. Reviews for other restaurants will follow later on.

About Karawang Regency

Karawang Regency is one of the fastest-growing regencies in West Java Province today. The number of industrial estates in Karawang is one of the factors that boost the economy of this Regency. Besides the industrial estate, Karawang also has many attractive tourist destinations. So it can be said, this Regency is worth a visit if you are in West Java Province.

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