4 Typical Culinary of Raja Ampat Islands, Papua

4 Typical Culinary of Raja Ampat Islands, Papua

Raja Ampat has a myriad of charms that are hard to resist by tourists, and one of these attractions is Culinary. A tourist destination won’t complete without any special culinary that can bring a sense of longing for the tourists, and bring them back later. Same as Raja Ampat, this paradise islands also has a special culinary that will make you always miss this place.

Here is a list of the top 4 Raja Ampat traditional foods you must try while on vacation there:

1. Sate Ulat Sagu

Sate Ulat Sagu or Sago Caterpillar Satay, Typical Food of Raja Ampat, Papua
Image by KMSTOUR

Sate Ulat Sagu means Sago Caterpillar Satay, and it looks a little scary because it made from sago caterpillars. But for local people, this food is the best and they used to eat it everyday. However, it is important to know that Sate Ulat Sagu contain high value of protein, and you must enjoy it. Don’t claim to have been to Raja Ampat if you have never tried Sate Ulat Sagu. LoL

2. Ikan Kuah Kuning, Typical Food from Papua

Image by TripAdvisor

Ikan Kuah Kuning is a traditional food from Papua which is loved by many people. It’s usually eaten together with papeda, but it’s also delicious to enjoy it with white rice. The name itself means Yellow Fish Sauce, and that exactly the way it looks, a fish dish with yellow sauce.

3. Ikan Bungkus or Wrapped Fish

Image by Travelingyuk.com

This tasty wrapped fish uses a fresh sea fish as the main ingredient, which is sprinkled with delicious Raja Ampat spices. I can guarantee that the taste of Wrap Fish here will not less tasty compared to wrap fish in other areas.

4. Udang Selingkuh

Tasty food with the most ridiculous name from Raja Ampat, Papua
Image by KMSTOUR

Well, I must admit that this is the most ridiculous name for a food ever. “Cheating” shrimp is a term for freshwater shrimp from rivers, especially the Baliem River, Papua. People called it cheating because it has a shrimp body, but has relatively large and strong claws, like crab. Simply put, cheating shrimps was the result of a shrimp that “cheating” with the crabs, Seriously! Hahahahah.

But despite its funny name, this Udang Selingkuih Food is sure has an amazingly delicious taste. You should try it!

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