Culinary Tourism in Puncak and Cipanas West Java

Culinary Tourism in Puncak and Cipanas West Java

A few days ago I visited Cianjur district to handle some tasks from my client. To reach this location, there are many choices of vehicles from the Capital City of Jakarta. You can use your own vehicles, Online Ride Sharing Applications such as Grab Car and Go-Car, Taxis, or Inter-City Buses (Marita, with route of Jakarta – Cianjur). While working there, I took the time to taste some pretty famous restaurants there.

There are 3 locations that I visited, and on this occasion I will review those three restaurants. Starting from the first, RM Rindu Alam.

1. Rindu Alam – Puncak

Rindu Alam restaurant in Puncak area, Near Cianjur Regency, West Java
Rindu Alam restaurant in Puncak area, Near Cianjur Regency, West Java

This legendary restaurant has been around for a long time, even older than my age. Located on Jalan Raya Puncak KM 89, this Restaurant offers a beautiful view of the tea garden as a complement to your meal.

Prices at this Restaurant are quite affordable. For taste, the dishes served are quite good. But not so special, because many other restaurants serve these dishes with the same taste.

In my opinion, the only thing that makes Rindu Alam special is its panoramic views of the tea garden, which you will not find in many other restaurants in general. There are many instagramable photo spots here.

Here are some favorite menus that many people order at this restaurant :

  • Sate Kambing (Goat Satay)
  • Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)
  • Ikan Gurame Panggang (Grilled Gurame)
  • Sop Ayam (Chicken Soup)
  • Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

2. Sate Kambing Hanjawar – Near Cipanas

For you goat satay lovers, you should stop by here. Sate Kambing Hanjawar is one of the most delicious goat satay dishes I have ever tasted.

Located on Jl. Raya Palasari, Puncak, Bogor. This restaurant serves various dishes of satay and soup. Starting from goat satay, chicken satay, beef satay, goat soup, beef rib soup, and oxtail soup.

The goat satay served here is very delicious. With the soft texture of the meat, I can guarantee you won’t have difficulty chewing it. The chunks of meat are also large, unlike most other goat satay served in small pieces.

From the environment aspect, Sate Kambing Hanjawar cannot be compared to Rindu Alam. This Restaurant is far below the level of Rindu Alam in this case. But still clean and worth a visit for a restaurant.

One thing that must be considered for this restaurant is the lack of parking lot.

3. RM Alam Sunda – Cipanas

Have you ever heard someone says, “don’t say you have visited Indonesia if you have never eaten spicy Indonesian food”. For you guys who loves spicy foods and spicy chili sauce. Alam Sunda Restaurant is highly recommended for you to visit.

This restaurant with Sundanese specialties will give you an extraordinarily spicy sensation on your tongue. The more you feel the spiciness, the more you want to eat it again hahahah. Don’t worry if later you feel you need to poop because of spiciness. This restaurant provides quite a lot of toilets for its visitors, lol.

Too bad for me because I forgot to take some pictures of this restaurant. But fortunately the owner of gave me permission to use some photos from her site, so i can provide some good picts for you guys. You should also visit her website, it contain a lot of good informations about travel destinations and delicious Indonesian foods.

Every time I visit this restaurant, I always order their Sambel Dower chilli sauce to be packaged so I can take it home.

Be sure to visit these restaurants when you are around here 😉

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