Fishing at Cirata Reservoir, Purwakarta

Fishing at Cirata Reservoir, Purwakarta

Purwakarta Regency in West Java Province has a special attraction for adventurers, especially those who love fishing. The Regency has two well-known tourism reservoirs, namely Cirata and Jatiluhur. And in this article, we will talk about one of those two reservoirs, Cirata.

In addition to being a hydroelectric power source, Cirata Reservoir is also filled with floating fish-producing cages and is a tourist attraction, especially for fishing enthusiasts. Cirata Reservoir has an area of ​​62 km2 at an altitude of 223 m DPL surrounded by hills. So in addition to reservoir and fishing tours, Cirata also presents you with a beautiful panorama of green hills.

Some say that Cirata Reservoir is located in Cianjur, others say it’s located in Purwakarta and even in Bandung. Those statements are true, because basically the reservoir runs along the three regencies. But this time we will talk about Cirata from the Purwakarta side. If you travel from Purwakarta City via Plered, you will arrive in Cirata in ± 40 minutes with a distance of 15 km.

What Kind of Fishes Can Be Found in This Reservoir?

Not only beginner anglers, seasoned anglers also often visit this largest reservoir in Southeast Asia. Generally anglers will fish for nile tilapia in this reservoir, but there are also other types of fishing fish. You can see native fish species such as tilapia, goldfish, pomfret, or catfish, along the reservoir. If you move to the middle, you can get predatory fish such as corks or red-devils – native fish from Cirata.

Uniquely, toman or red snakehead (one type of fish that can only be found in its native area which is in Sumatra, Kalimantan, or some countries in Southeast Asia) can be landed here.

Successful anglers strike Toman in Cirata
Successful anglers strike Toman (red snakehead) in Cirata Source

What do you do guys? Interested in trying fishing in the Cirata Reservoir? If so, then immediately prepare all the equipment to fight with the fish here, and start setting a schedule for it, cheers!

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