Land Cruising From Jakarta to Bali

Land Cruising From Jakarta to Bali

Besides the Paradise Islands in Raja Ampat, Indonesia also has an Island of The Gods called Bali. This small island, which is rich in natural beauty, has been a favorite tourist destination for decades.

The charm of this island has already well-known by foreign tourists. The local people also already known as friendly to foreign tourists. Therefore, I don’t think there is much to tell from this island. So this time I will tell you about the trip to Bali in an unusual way, a land cruising from Jakarta to Bali.

Why choose a land trip?

Generally, tourists will take an airplane from Jakarta to Bali. Besides considering travel times that are faster than traveling by land, airplane ticket prices are also quite affordable. Then why should I have to travel overland?

In certain conditions, traveling overland can be the best choice for you. Especially for those of you who like adventure and travel in a group of more than 4 people. The following are the reasons:

  • The first reason, there is no adventure at all on a plane that flies for two hours from Jakarta to Denpasar. Unlike land travel, you will pass many interesting places and beautiful scenery along the road.
  • The second is cost efficiency, plane tickets are indeed affordable. But what if you travel with a group of 4 to 6 people?
    • For your information, the estimated cost of a trip from Jakarta to Bali using an airplane for 4 people is start from Rp 3,750,000 or equal to 265 USD*. While traveling overland, the estimated costs are as follows;
      • Rent a car for at least 2 days, Rp. 600,000 or equal to 42.5 USD*.
      • Hire a driver with an estimated 2-days trip (round trip) of Rp. 500,000 or equal to 35 USD*.
      • Car fuel costs with an estimated round trip of Rp. 1,300,000 or equal to 91.5 USD*. Try to rent a vehicle with economical fuel consumption, my favorite one is a Toyota Avanza.
      • Toll costs with an estimated round trip of Rp. 1,300,000 or equal to 91.5 USD*.
      • The ferry fare (Round trip) of the Bali Strait is Rp. 400,000 or equal to 28 USD*.
    • The total cost spent when traveling overland (For up to 6 persons) is Rp. 4,100,000 or equal to 288.5 USD*. Let’s add 10% of the total cost as a reserve fund. Then the total cost is Rp. 4,510,000 or equal to 317.35 USD*.

When compared to the costs incurred when using an airplane (for 4 persons), then overland travel is still a bit more expensive. But you will get an amazing travel experience which is very exciting and cannot be paid with the difference in the cost of the trip above. In fact, if your group consists of more than 4 people, the cost will be even more efficient.

*) in the current exchange rate.

My calculation above uses round trip assumptions. Because if you rent a car for long trips, then you have to pay for the return trip. Unless you rent the car for a long duration, like seven days, for example. You should consider this option too, since you probably will need a car to get around while in Bali.

Now let’s see. What kind of places will we pass during this road trip?

Overland route from Jakarta to Bali by Google Map

The road trip from Jakarta to Bali takes around 22 to 25 hours, with a distance of 1,188 km. Along the way, you will pass some interesting places and have a beautiful natural panorama, including restaurants with typical regional foods. It’s better to start the journey when it is still dawn. Because later there are some objects and locations that are more beautiful when viewed on a day light, while the other has a better night view.

Before leaving Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, the first city to pass is Karawang. I would really like to suggest you to take a stop at Steak 21 & Red Suki Restaurant to have some meals, while you are passing through this area. But unfortunately, you have to keep going so that you won’t lose your best moment in other places. Don’t worry, because you will find another restaurant with the same concept once you arrive in Bali.

Semarang City and Ketep Pass in Boyolali Regency

From Karawang, the journey will continue to the next stop, Semarang City. The travel time from Karawang to Semarang is around 6 hours. In Semarang, you can take a short tour to see the whole city, which is known for its beautiful natural panorama.

Image by Pixabay & Google

From Semarang, the journey will continues to the south where you will pass Boyolali Regency. Don’t miss the chance to stop by at Ketep Pass and take some picts from Merbabu and Merapi volcano. You will never get this experience from an airplane trip.

Special Region of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta also has a million charm, especially when exploring the city during the night time. While you are traveling overland, it doesn’t matter if you stop by this city as well.

You can walk around the city and enjoy the night atmosphere on Malioboro Street. Also Don’t forget to try the night street food culinary of Yogyakarta, such as Gudeg and Wedang Ronde.

There are still many things in this city that you can explore, but you have to continue your journey to Bali. Next time you can plan another vacation with Yogyakarta as your main destination.

Night trip to the Port of Ketapang and cross to Gilimanuk, Bali

From Yogyakarta, the journey will continue with the direct destination to the port of Ketapang, this trip will take around 8 hours. It’s a good idea to get some sleep in the car while on this trip. Because you will need to be on your best condition when you arrive in Bali.

Upon arrival at the port of Ketapang, you will cross the Bali Strait using a ferry to reach Gilimanuk, Bali. If you done the trip in a correct timeline, then your estimated arrival time at Gilimanuk is around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning.

After a very long and tiring journey, you will finally set foot on the island of Bali. And once you landed at Gilimanuk, you will feel like, “Yeah, Finally I Arrived in Bali!!” And believe me, you will never get so excited like this if you landed on an air plane. 😆 😆 😆

From Gilimanuk, you still have to continue the journey to Denpasar. The trip takes about four hours, and you can watch beautiful views of Bali’s west coast along the way. Along the way you will pass through the West Bali National Park area, where monkeys will appear along the road looking for food. You can pull over to take some pictures if you want.

This trip is indeed very tiring, but also has its own unforgettable pleasure. Finally, for anyone interested in traveling like this, but still need more information. You can ask me anything at any time. I will be happy to answer all your questions. Also, If you need help renting a car, even a driver’s service, I will be happy to help. Cheers!

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