Pati Regency – Central Java

Pati Regency – Central Java

Hi Guys, today i’m going to share my trip on Pati, Central Java. This time, i’m traveling for a business purpose, accompanied my boss to meet his business partner. But I also took the time to find resources to write an article.

About Pati

Pati Regency Logo, Central Java, Indonesia
Logo of Pati Regency, Central Java

Pati is a district in Central Java, with Pati City as the Capital City. It’s located approximately 2 hours from Semarang City, the Capital City of Central Java Province.

We traveled from Bekasi to Pati by car for approximately 7 hours, with a distance of around 550 km. Alternatively you can also use airplanes and land at General Ahmad Yani International Airport – Semarang, to continue the land trip with a distance around 85 km passing through the city of Demak and Kudus.

For two days in Pati and due to the business purpose i’ve mentioned earlier, there were not many places we could visit. But in this Regency there are indeed many tourist sites, here are some recommended sites :

Hotels and Transportations

For hotels, we stay at The Safin Hotel which can be regarded as one of the best Hotels in Pati. The room rate is also quite affordable when compared to the facilities offered.

For access between locations is not too difficult, because there are many public transportations with varying routes. Beside, online ride-hailing applications such as Grab and Gojek already avalilable in Pati. so you don’t need to worry about transportation things while in Pati.


Yes! this is the part that I like the most on every trips, culinary !! Just like other cities in Indonesia, Pati also has its own special food, which is called Nasi Gandul. Actualy, Pati food is not only nasi gandul. according to wikipedia, there are at least 13 typical foods from this district. Not including snacks and drinks. but this time I will tell you about nasi gandul, because I really only had time to try this food, hahahah.

The way they serve this food is unique, because in serving it, the dish is covered with banana leaves. The meal also doesn’t use a spoon, but rather suru, which is a banana leaf that is cut in length and folded in two to be used instead of a spoon. But usually the sellers of Nasi Gandul still provide spoons and forks to prepare if the buyer cannot use suru.

Usually Nasi Gandul will serve with sauce and a little cut of beef offal. You can also request additional side dishes to be serve. Usually additional side dishes that are available are : fried tempeh, bacem eggs, and beef. This food is too tasty to miss when we’re in Pati.

There are many more interesting things in Pati that we can find. Interesting places to visit and good foods to taste. Unfortunately, i don’t have enough time to explore more, so there’s not much I can tell. Next time I will tell you more interesting things, whether it’s about Pati, or about other cities. See you in the next article, thank you.

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