Seeing The Wave Blowing The Rocks on Waterblow Bali

Seeing The Wave Blowing The Rocks on Waterblow Bali

Want to take a leisurely walk in the park while enjoying the sea breeze and high waves crashing on the rocks? Then you should go to Waterblow in Nusa Dua, Bali.

In this place you will find a clean and beautiful garden as well as a refreshing sea breeze and a beautiful view of the sea waves crashing with the rocks.

Located in the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), precisely behind the Grand Hyatt Bali Hotel. Formerly this place was just a row of coral cliffs that considered dangerous by local residents. Until the management of ITDC transformed the cliffs into a very enchanting tourist area as it is today.

They built a wooden path as a visitor’s access to reach the edge of the cliff. They also put a gazebo at the edge of the cliff. You can sit and relax on the gazebo while watching the Waterblow phenomenon.

For you guys who bring children. Even though this place has already fenced off, you still need to follow the rules. Don’t do any prohibited action and always watch your kids all the time 🙂

Peninsula Island Park

As I said in the first paragraph. You can also take a leisurely walk in the park located in this area while you’re waiting for the sunset.

When entering the ITDC area, before reaching the entrance gate of Waterblow you will pass the Peninsula Island area.

Peninsula Island is a park that presents a beautiful and calm natural atmosphere for its visitors.

Waterblow and Peninsula Island are free tourist destinations that are open to the public. However, for pre-wedding photo sessions or other commercial activities you will be charged a different fee. It will cost you around 175-180 USD (at the current rate) or around Rp. 2,500,000.00 in IDR per session. So make sure you visit these two places when you are on holiday in Bali. While it’s still free hahahah

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